Art Perry For 
Costa Mesa Sanitary District 2012

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Art Perry for Costa Mesa Sanitary District 2012

Vote this November!   



        I am honored to be your elected representative.  I have been working to save our ratepayers and taxpayers money by decreasing trash fees, keeping our sewer rates one of the lowest in Orange County, and repairing our aging sewer systems with existing funds - not rate or tax increases.  The record of our board is clear and noteworthy.  While on the board we have used new technology to save over $1 million in sewer repairs while reducing sewer overflows by 80%.  We have secured grants for $12 million in sewer pump station costs, $1.65 million in sewer repairs, $700,000 for sewer construction and $200,000 for our trash recycling programs. 

       I believe in community service.  I am a Director of Costa Mesa United, member of the Chamber of Commerce Golf Committee, past Lion's Club member, and have been the Co-Chairman of the Mesa Verde Classic Charity Golf Tournamant.  I am the varsity golf coach at Estancia High School and have coached football, baseball, softball, and basketball at Estancia and in the community over the past 40 years.

       I would very much appreciate you re-electing me as a director of the Costa Mesa Sanitary District.  I will continue to develop fiscally conservative policies that ensure cost-effective sewer and trash collections.


 Thanks for your support!




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